A Theory Sure To Give Results Golf Fundamentals Seymour Dunn


Snap The Ball Out with your Wrists

Golf Fundamentals By Seymour Dunn The Saratogian Service Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Copyright 1922 by Seymour Dunn

"Wrist Action Greatest speed producer.

Wrist action should create 50% of the full swing, and an even greater proportion of the speed of the stroke. Left wrist should be axis of fulcrum. Therefore, right hand must work about left, and because left wrist is fulcrum of wrist action, grip with left hand must be firmer than with right.

Right hand has a great deal of work to do, but its work is entirely different from that of the left hand.

Right hand guides the club head, controls club face and delivers the blow. The bending of the wrists must always be done in the same manner as one would bend the wrist in striking a blow with a hammer.

Take a hammer in your hands and strike downward blows with your wrists, and you will get the right idea of the wrist action so far as the bending of the wrist action is concerned.

Now rest the hammer on a table and roll it, twist it over on its right side, then on its left side, and you will get the right idea of the twisting action of the wrist.

In order to make the club travel in proper course of the swing, and bend our wrist in the manner described, at each end of the swing, we must twist (or turn) the wrist over. See Illustrations 65, 66, and 67, page 99.

These illustrations show an exercise that is excellent for developing a powerful, concentrated wrist action. It will be observed that the left arm is kept pointing at the ball thruout the action. The left forearm has absorbed the unwinding of the shoulders by a pronation twist.

Thus the wrists are set two ways. They are (1) turned due to the twist of the forearms, and they are (2) bent, or cocked.

It is the combined uncocking and untwisting action that produces the so-called snap of the wrists. And this last instant snap, or whipping movement, is responsible for 85% of the velocity of the club head."

"A Golfer Is No Stronger Than His Hands" 1922 1930 1934 By Seymour Dunn of The Dunns of Musselborough Scotland